Our mission

Watts on Wheels wants to stimulate electrification of Belgian car fleet by helping our customers to deploy clean power electric vehicle charging solutions without any fixed structures and grid connection.


Customer Needs

EV rollout in Belgium is seriously lagging behind neighbouring countries. The lack of charging infrastructure does not make it interesting to buy an EV, but the lack of EV’s does not make charging infrastructure an interesting investment. It’s exactly this chicken-and-egg problem that Watts on Wheels wants to solve.

Who is for?

  • Customers with no availability to install a charging box at home or at the office.
  • Customers who find difficult to recharge the vehicle to the public charging station.
  • Customers interested in comfort to receive recharges without any fixed structures

Who are the customers ?

Watts on Wheels focuses on :

  • Energy providers who need to expand their portfolio of services to meet all their customers’ needs.
  • Car dealers who need to move to the EV market and solve the lack of a solid charging infrastructure.
  • Car renting/Sharing to reduce the “stopped time” in which the vehicles cannot be used by final customers.
  • And, fleet managers and owners of parking lots in business sites that want to have a greener fleet but are unsure of the investment it takes to build the charging infrastructure.

Watts on Wheels solution

The E-box mobile charger of Watts on Wheels is a mobile charging unit for electric vehicles. We have developed a new on-demand mobile recharging service for all EV which compensates the lack of a solid recharging infrastructure. Our innovative solution is made from second life Li-Ion batteries, providing high quality green power wherever electric vehicles are parked with no additional fixed infrastructure. The E-box mobile charger of Watts on Wheels can quickly be deployed to meet growing electric vehicle market demand.

The benefits:

  • Easy Installation. No permits required, or grid upgrades necessary. No additional construction.
  • Plug-and-Play be up and running with power immediately, no fixed structures.
  • Clean. Zero Emissions. Second life batteries, green charge, delivery with EV.
  • Powerful. Enough green energy to charge multiple cars at once.
  • Mobile. Unit fully mobile and self-propelled. Easy to move.


Next steps

  • Introduce our solution to the customers of our partners.
  • Test our mobile charging solution in real time on a customer’s parking lot.
  • Prepare ourselves to approach a market who will soon-to-be massive market.


Anthony Cantillon

Founder & CEO at Delifuel

Nicolas Diercxsens


Michel Govaerts


Marie Hermans

Innovation Officer at Sibelga

Frederik Simoen

Innovation Program Manager at Luminus

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