The department of Transport and Regional Economics (TPR) at the University of Antwerp is an international center of excellence for fundamental and applied academic research in transport economics, logistics and regional economics. Its mission is to improve transport and logistics for our society and the business community. Its research results in theories, applications and instruments to enhance existing academic knowledge, transport policy and supply chain environments. Therefore TPR conducts innovative and multi-disciplinary research within an international context. TPR pursues results that are academically sound, economically viable and supporting sustainable development. It values a critical and independent approach and an open communication.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Project research plays a key role in gaining up-to-date scientific knowledge, which is close to reality. TPR is involved in different projects, in which there is already cooperation with many of the founders involved in co.mobility. Moreover, the initiative the founders and Nova Reperta Innovation to develop the innovative ecosystem Co.mobility is perfectly in line with TPR’s main research topics, including amongst others the assessment of infrastructure projects, interaction between transport and physical planning, and urban studies and regional economics. Therefore, TPR fully supports this project and is looking forward to contribute with its expert knowledge on sustainable mobility and logistics.

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