Stoomlink (pronounced s-too-mlink [ˈstuːmlɪŋk] 😉) is a Belgian tech startup whose ambition is to foster the transition to a more sustainable mobility thanks to its innovative digital products.

Stoomlink provides reliable and actionable insight-driven solutions for the mobility ecosystem with the goal to help companies, public operators and local authorities succeed in reinventing their mobility. We do so by providing them with the right tools to analyse their current offer, shape their strategies for tomorrow and take actions towards a greener mobility 💚

Stoomlink is a subsidiary company of VIAS, Stratec & nextmoov’s cutting-edge experience and savoir-faire in mobility & digital products development.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

At Stoomlink, we are convinced that changing mobility’s habits is a multi-factor challenge: from infrastructure to policies and, of course, a smooth user-experience along the whole journey. With its ambition to bring around the table companies from various fields of expertise, we see the Co.Mobility Ecosystem as the way forward to tackle those complex challenges

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