The Smart City Institute is an academic institute dedicated to the thematic of Smart Cities that aims at stimulating research, teaching, innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of the “Smart City”. The SCI aims to contribute to the general development of smart cities by training future managers, developing research, entrepreneurship and innovation The SCI proposes to approach this thematic from a managerial angle (while collaborating with other disciplines (necessary multidisciplinary approach).

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

One of the main objectives of the Smart City Institute (SCI) is to facilitate the sustainable value creation between actors thanks to networking and thanks to an access to multidisciplinary skills. This is exactly what Co.mobility proposes. The 8 challenges reflect our current interest of research in the field of mobility as the SCI is currently working on a practical handbook for municipalities on Smart Mobility. We hope to contribute to the project by supporting and challenging corporate participants.

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