Sibelga is the distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the Brussels-Capital Region. Our core business is to manage the network infrastructure that supplies energy to one million customers. We provide a wide range of services from pure infrastructural works, detection and reparation of system defaults, network connection etc. to household security audits, metering and provision of public lighting. Besides that, we are involved in innovative and social initiatives that aim to increase the sustainable use of energy in the city, such as the set-up of local energy communities, solar panel installation, energy monitoring in state owned buildings, installations of CHP and new mobility solutions.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Facilitating green mobility in order to accelerate energy transition in Brussels: this is one of our ambitions at Sibelga! And we strongly believe that electric mobility is one of the key technologies that can offer alternative mobility.

The co.mobility ecosystem allows us to deliver our ‘network operator’ expertise and experience in electric vehicle charging while keeping our neutral role. Our know-how is based upon a large number of innovative pilot projects and tests, related i.a. to charging solutions options and smart charging(e.g. study on different charging brands, integration of recharging points into street lamps…).

This positioning will make it possible to provide all citizens with innovative and affordable mobility services to all citizens.

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