The Antwerp Port Authority has a key role in the port’s day-to-day operation. The 1,650 workers make sure the port functions and can grow. The Port Authority manages and maintains the docks, the bridges, the locks, the quay walls and the land. The personnel is also responsible for safe shipping traffic in the docks, the bridges and locks. In addition, the Port Authority provides tugs and cranes, carries out dredging work and promotes the port at home and abroad. With a view to the future, the Port Authority is working on the port’s sustainable development and innovation.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

The mobility department of the Port of Antwerp has as main goal to identify mobility bottlenecks in the port and the hinterland and to develop and roll out solutions or alternatives for these challenges. We focus on freight (rail, barge, truck) but also on commuting. With more than 60.000 people working in the port, an important focus point. We believe we could bring a lot of experience to the table, but are also convinced that we can learn a lot from other (big) companies, but definitely also from start-ups, who can teach us about new solutions and innovative business models.

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