With over 900,000 passengers a day, SNCB aims to be the solution for comfortable and sustainable mobility in Belgium. Its ultimate goal is to satisfy its customers to the extent that they see trains as an obvious solution to their transportation requirements. For this reason, SNCB is investing in a customer-oriented transport model, punctual and well-maintained trains and comfortable, functional stations with seamless connections to other intermodal forms of transport. Each day, passengers are the core concern of SNCB’s 17,500 staff.

When it comes to mobility, safety and punctuality are essential. Our customers also expect us to provide them with personalized and digitalized services, as well as intermodal solutions. To improve our customer experience, we want to introduce new technologies and promote a culture of innovation within our company. We also want to work with partners who share our ambition to innovate to create the green mobility of the future. Innovation is a means to contribute to more satisfied customers, not an end in itself.” said Sophie Dutordoir, CEO of SNCB

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