In Belgium, Luminus is number 1 in on shore wind and number 1 in hydroelectric power. The company operates several gas power plants which balance variances of renewable production. Under its Luminus commercial brand, the company sells electricity, gas and energy services with the highest quality service to residential and business customers, representing a commercial market share of about 20%. Luminus’ strategy is to be the preferred energy partner while helping its clients to reduce their carbon footprint thanks to innovative energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy production.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Luminus wants to position itself on the Belgian market as a major player in e-mobility by providing each customer segment with relevant turnkey solutions. Facilitating, promoting and developing e-mobility is a real motto for Luminus, which is also committed to the electrification of its internal fleet. This is why we want to share ideas and develop synergies with partners also involved in this field.

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