Logistics in Wallonia is the competitive cluster for transport, logistics and mobility recognized by the Walloon Governement. Our aim is to foster innovation inside companies through the collaboration of companies and research institutions such as universities and R&D centres. Our role of Logistics in Wallonia is to identify ideas that can lead to an innovative projects, to support the constitution of the consortium that will apply for financing and to support these companies through the whole process before, during and after the project. With our new strategy, we make a clear focus on the reduction of the environmental aspects of transport, logistics and mobility and also on the digitization of mobility and supply chain operations. We have today more than 360 members.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Mobility is a huge challenge for our society and it will be solved by a multifaceted approach. Besides our action on the field, we find that the Co.Mobility initiative aims at identifying additional companies and additional ideas that can ideally complement what we have been doing in the last years. We can also bring our own network of expertise to the initiative and broaden the scope of the projects that will be presented. Logistics in Wallonia will be represented by Bernard Piette, General Manager.

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