Lantis is the company responsible for the mobility revolution going on in the Antwerp Area. To improve the accessibility of the Antwerp region, in the late nineties, the Flemish Government launched the Master Plan 2020. This plan focuses on three ambitious goals:
*️⃣ to ensure the accessibility of city and port
*️⃣ to improve road safety
*️⃣ to improve the quality of life in the Antwerp region.

This will be done by realizing a set of multimodal mobility projects and by creating a modal shift towards, for instance, public transportation and cycling. One of the major projects of the Master Plan 2020 is the Oosterweel link, the capstone of the Antwerp ring road. The new northern ring will unscramble the traffic knot in the Antwerp region.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

To share their knowledge in multimodal mobility projects and modal shift combined with their ambition to make Antwerp more accessible by cooperation and innovation.

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