The Leuven Mobility Research Centre, L-Mob, brings together and integrates complementary expertise on mobility, infrastructure, logistics and environment. Within this broad domain, L-Mob focuses on smart mobility: optimization of operational traffic and logistic processes using real-time data; optimization of logistics from a company perspective; development, pricing and financing of infrastructure; land-use mobility interaction; innovative mobility services; optimization of public transport; and mobility indicators and monitoring. L-Mob brings together and integrates expertise, maintains relations with the industry and governmental stakeholders, and represents KU Leuven within inter-university research programs on mobility and logistics in Flanders and abroad.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

L-Mob as an inter-disciplinary research center recognizes the importance of cross fertilization among the start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, universities and federations members of the ecosystem. Co-creative approaches allow an interdisciplinary view on technological innovation, which helps to balance economic, societal and environmental needs. We very much appreciate the principle of keeping mobility about the wellbeing of people, as is reflected in the challenges addressed. L-mob has ongoing research in many of the challenges and sees the co.mobility ecosystem as an excellent opportunity to bring some of its research results closer to practice.

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