Ingestic supports the implementation of sustainable IT solutions in Energy/Utilities, Smart Cities/Mobility and Industry 4.0, while guaranteeing your independence.

We help :
▶️ Conceptualize your project
▶️ Anticipate future needs and issues
▶️ Smoothly adapt your information system with the best solutions
▶️ Take control of your new IT applications
▶️ Analyse and use the data generated by your ecosystem

Ingestic is a team of dynamic and curious experts (Business Analysts, Data Scientists, IT Specialists) working together to successfully carry out your projects with particular attention in understanding your business. Their commitment to meet your requirements guarantees solutions that fully meets your specific needs.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Ingestic firmly believes that technology is a way of empowering people in building a better world for tomorrow. In this context, mobility is a key concern that applies to everybody, everywhere and everytime : problems and solutions are different, but their importance is certain. Players in the game of mobility are multiple and various, from constructors to service providers, passing through financing infrastructures or insurances. If they tend more and more to collaborate (, e.g.), we need to give them today the proof that collaboration is the only way to succeed in sustainable innovation tomorrow. And that’s what Co.Mobility can be !

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