Infrabel is the Belgian railway infrastructure manager. Our mission is to support the on-going development of a sustainable mobility and to offer the best solution to our clients. We meet the needs of the railway operators that transport passengers or goods by planning and managing in real time the rail capacity on our 3614 km-railways. Over 10 000 staff work every day to maintain, build and improve a reliable railway network in Belgium that meets the challenges of sustainable mobility focusing on safety and punctuality.

“As infrastructure and capacity manager, we are convinced that the future of mobility will be the result of new cross-cutting collaborations with existing and future mobility actors from a large range of sectors, bringing together their expertise to innovate. One key success factor is to go from silos to a fully integrated ecosystem of mobility which offers end-to-end solutions, triggered by the customers’needs”, said Benoît Gilson, CEO of Infrabel

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