Helexia is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) active in Europe and abroad. Our mission is to help large buildings to reduce their environmental footprint by reviewing their energy production and consumption. Helexia’s services range from energy audits and Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC’s) to solar energy production and e-mobility. We provide a global approach to each project, combining ecological ambition and economic profitability. We offer an integrated project management with a single point of contact and innovative legal and financial solutions allowing us to bring the investment thanks to our shareholder Voltalia – a global renewable energy producer (IPP). Substantial energy savings are within reach, let’s tackle climate change together!

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Helexia joined the Co.Mobility ecosystem to further develop the electrification of mobility in Belgium and seize the chance to have a real impact on tomorrow’s green mobility. Given that “l’union fait la force/eendracht maakt macht/einigkeit macht stark”, we strongly believe in working together with other actors of the mobility sector towards the common goal of making e-mobility a pillar of our national energy transition.”

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