DELIFUEL is the first mobile service station in Belgium. With our small truck, we deliver high-quality, competitively priced fuels directly to your fleet in the company car park and at home. Our goal is to allow car drivers to refuel otherwise, at any time, without having to move, and that DELIFUEL be the nearest station to them. We also wants to support companies in the energy transition of their fleet. Recently, we also promoted a specific service for new car owners. DELIFUEL full up the tank of new cars directly at dealerships before handing over the keys to customers.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

DELIFUEL joined the Co.Mobility ecosystem to further develop the electrification of mobility and we think that working together with other big actors of the mobility sector towards one common goal is a huge opportunities. DELIFUEL wants to be a huge actor in mobility, we want to improve the current situation and help users to a common vision about mobility evolution in Belgium (Including electrical mobility ). Co.mobility could help us to have a better knowledge in mobility and help us to go faster with to expand our services in Belgium and maybe too in Europe.

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