Connect2Move is a Belgian tech startup working on a more efficient mobility of people and goods. Innovation, adaptability and sustainability are three words highlighting our DNA and our approach of smart mobility projects. Specialized in big data, we provides a technical support service to mobility applications in terms of data management, data mining, real-time mapping, routing, geolocation and tracking. Recently we launched the Mobility game product, a playful challenge within company or between companies to motivate employees to change their mobility habits. This game is supported by a complete IT platform.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Connect2Move joined Co.Mobility because this new ecosystem is maybe one of the best place in Belgium for rethinking mobility of tomorrow. This experience means meeting a variety of mobility actors and sharing practises, knowledges and expertises. We believe in co.creation process and are convinced we can bring added value to UX for commuters challenge. As a startup, Co.Mobility is a real opportunity to go one step further with our mission.

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