Beci (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry) was born out of a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Enterprises in Brussels. Beci represents 2/3 of the employment in Brussels and more than 35,000 companies. Beci is active in three areas:
1) Representation: Beci stands up for individual and common interests wherever decisions are made;
2) Networking: thanks to events, connections (including Chambers of Commerce) and prospecting tools, Beci helps companies establish relationships, establish contacts and expand their network;
3) Guidance: Beci supports companies in their creation, development, transfer, and in their international development.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Beci has been active in mobility since 2015. First with the HUB Mobility, the mobility think tank and then with MO (2018) the Urban Mobility Movement, a 100% action and solution oriented Do Tank. Mobility issues have evolved significantly in recent years, with new challenges directly impacting businesses and human resources. The only way to counter this problem is through collective intelligence. This is the philosophy on which Co.Mobility is built and is an extension of Beci’s philosophy. Beci’s participation as a knowledge partner is therefore evident.

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