Aisin Connected & Sharing Solutions (CSS) is a global leader in innovative mobility solutions, part of Aisin Group (headquarters in Japan). Starting in the early 90’s with best in class embedded automotive navigation, Aisin CSS is developing the next generation of global connected navigation (world first in 2017) with a coverage of more than 100 countries in all continent, including Europe. In our European Headquarters (AW Europe located in Brussels south), an agile innovation team is extremely active in creating new value, Hybrid Driver Coaching service is one of the most attractive launch in 2019. Aisin CSS manages several local innovation programs with universities, R&D centers and start-ups, to make mobility more responsible and enjoyable for everyone.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

Aisin CSS is proud to be part of the Belgium co.mobility eco-system. This is a unique opportunity to better understand the mobility problems in Belgium and to identify how we can contribute with local partners to bring more value. Making Belgium a new example of safer and greener place for citizen mobility is definitely a challenge in line with our vision. Thanks to our partnership with Alstom through the CPSET innovation platform, we will be able to participate to two challenges defined by the founding partners: “Multimodal travel” and “Carpooling and shuttle on-demand”.

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