Grown from a long-standing experience in imagery, 360Pixtour is a Belgian start-up specialized in virtual images, virtual reality and also Geo-location (Maps-Routes-Places).
*️⃣ 360Pixtour offers integrated digital solutions for location, visibility and mobility in service of business and active users by integrating customer experience.
*️⃣ 360Pixtour creates also an interactive experience of a real-world environment.
*️⃣ 360Pixtour develops new service model for mobility in Belgium.
*️⃣ 360Pixtour experience is also based on : Multiple realizations with virtual tours and creation and improvement of visibility for places in different sectors with Google Maps, Street View & My Business.

Why they joined the co.mobility ecosystem?

360Pixtour joins Co.Mobility to offer our knowledge and expertise of technology in service of the mobility sector, to improve the current situation and help users including PRM. But also for meet people and companies in the mobility sector and to have a better knowledge and overview of Belgian actors. We would like to contribute to a common vision and goal about mobility evolution in Belgium. In contact with public and private actors, 360Pixtour understands a part of the market and some challenges. Co.mobility could help us to go further and faster with our project in Belgium and also in Europe.

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