We help transport hub owners to improve the satisfaction and spending of their passengers through optimizing their space allocation of revenue generating shops and services.

Customer Needs

The commercial mix in a mobility hub is mostly based on gut feeling. There are a lot of difficult problems to tackle and information to incorporate: the needs of the customer, the neighborhood of the station and the local preferences. There is a need for an application that consolidates relevant data categories and makes recommendations so that the mobility hub owner knows that the space allocation is financially optimized and that its customers are satisfied.

Who are the customers ?

Our main customers are the mobility hub owners. We consider train- and metro stations together with airports as our main target group. In a later phase, we can enlarge our target audience to shopping mall owners, which are encountering the same problems

Optimob solution

A lot of these mobility hub owners already have an enormous amount of unexploited data. Together with our own data sourced by selected 3rd party providers, we make recommendations related to the ideal type of store or service there should be in that vacant space, based on different criteria.

The benefits: Next to the financial benefit for both the mobility hub owner and the commercial partner of the chosen shop, it will enhance consistency, improves end customer satisfaction and it ties business decisions to analytics insights. Moreover, station owners get a reliable source of information and analytics that help them improve their understanding of their own passengers and changing needs.

Next steps

Improving and automating the recommendation process. We are currently collecting external data related to the passengers, the station, environment… In that way, we can build our model which will estimate all different recommendations for vacant spaces and render our platform a centralised place of station’s data and business intelligence. In a near future, we will work on a platform in order to help the future clients with discovering data and recommendations themselves. Finally, we are interested to incorporate in this platform tools for clients to connect with more stakeholders


George Cambanis

CEO at Mobito

Pierre Oldenhove

Co-Founder at Wibee

Gilles Vergrote


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