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Based on the success of the 1st co.mobility ecosystem, we are proud to announce the launch of co.mobility 2021.

co.mobility 2021 starts in September!

Our mission is to animate a network of companies sharing a common vision about the future of mobility with the willingness to share knowledge and co-create on specific innovative projects.


The ecosystem co.mobility has started in April 2020 gathering more than 48 organizations from public, private, startups and universities. Despite Covid-19, we reached the mission of the program: deliver 6 business cases (ideation) and start 4 very promising prototypes. In the meantime, we have also created a strong community of +100 actors of the mobility and a very impactful white paper.

Thanks to the success of this first 1-year program, we would like to prepare “co.mobility 2021”. Co.mobility 2021 will have a special focus on key challenges of the mobility.

If you are interested by joining “co.mobility 2021”, please fill the form bellow to receive all the information.

I hope to meet you soon.

Grégoire Talbot,
Head of co.mobility

Key objectives of co.mobility 2021

Grow and animate
a strong community

Accelerate 2 challenges,
tackle 2 new challenges

Build a knowledge center
on mobility

Key challenges of co.mobility 2021

(to be validated by the founding partners)


Build safer cycling journeys

Last-mile delivery

Improve the logistics of goods for the last mile


Door-to-door support for PRM

Family Mobility Switch

Switch from family car to 300€ mobility budget

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If you are active in the mobility industry or provide value to the industry and want to join co.mobility 2021, fill in the application form below!

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