Diagnostic & outlook on Belgian Mobility

“Countless opportunities exist for those who think boldly about the future and their role in it.”


From end-users to public authorities, to organizations and service providers

Mobility is a matter of public interest and concerns the society as a whole. The well-being of citizens and the national economic context are considerations that guide the choices and investments a country makes with regard to their mobility infrastructure.

This manifesto written by our founding partners AG Insurance, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels Airport Company, Infrabel, NMBS/SNCB, Touring, in collaboration with Accenture and Espace Mobilité is a substantial analysis of what is happening in the Belgian mobility landscape. It tackles the different challenges that mobility encounters, what shifts are already happening, and it gives a heads-up on what the future of mobility might look like.

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Three steps of the manifesto

The Diagnostic

4 key influencing factors and resulting mobility situations

The Forecast

Driving forces of mobility, the (trapped) value and how it will likely be unlocked over three future eras of mobility

Setting the P.A.C.E.

Dreams and vision around a collaboration framework

Ecosystems and co-creation

The power to reach impactful solutions

co.mobility, together with its seven founding partners, is convinced that ecosystems and co-creation have the power to reach impactful solutions and will make our country take a leadership position in the European landscape. Through this manifesto, co.mobility proposes a strong approach to achieve such transformations.

There are a wide range of mobility-related opportunities to be seized if innovative practices are leveraged.

All of this can be done by actioning a series of levers that bring actors together to reach impactful solutions and accelerate the transition towards more efficient, durable and citizen-centric mobility.

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