Nova Reperta Innovation has launched the open innovation ecosystem co.mobility with her Founding Partners on 12 March. More than ever, the ambition of Nova Reperta Innovation and her partners remains unchanged: Work together for a better society through innovative solutions by bringing together different stakeholders.

As companies and active economic players in society, our responsibilities are two-fold: to tackle the current situation of confinement the best way possible with solidarity and concern and, to make sure we are equipped and prepared for the post-disaster in economic activity.

We have the responsibility to continue allocating our talents in activities when possible. 

And so, also for co.mobility, the Belgian mobility ecosystem, everything is put in place to start the Ideation Phase, in a full digital set-up. We have tools to fully support remote workshops and even turn the online aspect to our advantage.

Some measures were taken to allow the teams for the co.mobility ecosystem to start ideation in a digital way.

Microsoft Teams will allow the teams to exchange in one on one and in group, find the necessary documents and files, and be the central point of all tasks and communication.  

Our co.mobility innovation coaches have also translated the ideation phase framework into a digital creative environment, with tools like Miro, Mural or Draft and supported by video calls. 

The first part of the program has been translated in a digital-friendly scenario of half-day tracks for the 2 first days of Ideation, including also a reduced time of concentration and connection, knowing that we are not all in our work environment and that it is not easy for all to stay on top of our concentration while working from home. As from May 20, we have planned (for now) our 3rd day of innovation phase again “in real life”, in the Nova Reperta Innovation office in Brussels. 

Hosting design thinking sessions in a digital environment is different but offers a lot of unique opportunities too. Participants literally have all the knowledge in the world at their fingertips. They can quickly use the internet to find information, but also demonstrate what they want to say in a very visual and creative way. This creativity is further highlighted with the use of digital co-creation tools, like Miro. People can quickly and easily express themselves in countless ways and built their own white board as the sessions evolve. The information they share is saved at the same time and can be reached whenever they like, even when everything turns to normal and we start meeting each other in person again. Supported by Zoom, we can easily switch from large group interaction to teams to even duos in break-out rooms. We are truly grateful that we are in a time where have all the digital tools we need to offer creative workshops fully on a digital platform.

Of course, with these new tools come some new skills that have to be learnt. We are very confident that the tools we use are really intuitive, and people will quickly become pros. But of course, everyone could use some support. Therefore, all the participants will receive a clear “how-to” explanation video and FAQ, to have the tools set up and installed to be able to collaborate together for our first day of Ideation on April 21. Dedicated support will also be possible to help the best all participants to join the digital work environment. 

By ensuring the continuity of our activities through digital solutions, we will be able to stay on track and enable our stakeholders to keep working together for future purposes. We are positive that we can all make this work. Let’s explore, have fun and most importantly, let’s get it done!


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