Our 360° mobility universe helps employers, HR and fleet managers who want to transform, optimize or improve their mobility policy by offering a cost-effective, ecological and personalized mix from mobility solutions, journey planning and payment for employees to mobility and budget management, whilst improving the employees’ journey by working closely together with the existing solutions.


We help companies improving their mobility policy.

  1. We analyze their needs, prepare an implementation plan and help them in the roll out
  2. Thanks to HotSeat, our digital mobility hub centralizing all mobility solutions: CO2 measurement, inter-modality, carpooling, micromobility, payment card, …
  3. Whilst being compatible with “budget mobilité” and “plan cafétéria”
  4. And with a view to make the TCO more efficient


Who are the customers ?

We target all companies having 100 employees or more and who need help:

  • because they have no or minimal idea on the available options
  • to understand what their employees would like
  • to define what metrics are needed to sustain a decision
  • to set up an end to end solution
  • to implement it and
  • because they don’t have time to execute it

Customer pains

  • Employees asking for an improved mobility policy.
  • HR teams having a lack of expertise, knowledge and experience in implementing a comprehensive mobility policy.
  • Employer having a lack of time available to manage such a change properly.

HotSeat offering

  1. A first online free audit providing the employer with a level of need to change (or not) his mobility policy
  2. A second and more thorough audit of the As Is, the needs, what’s doable and how to implement it
  3. A digital mobility hub connecting all mobility solution into a single

Next steps

Finalize the light and thorough audit solutions. Set up the first implementation projects with customer and build the hub to connect it with the existing solutions of HotSeats founders.


Frederic De Burguet

Strategic Innovation Manager at AW Europe

Stan Jeanty

Co-Founder & Chief Jiving Officer (CJO) at jive

Manuel Noirfalise

Head of Customer Experience at Jeasy

François Poncet

Head of Digital Value Creation at Aisin

Evrim Taskiran

Founder, CEO at STEP Mobility

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