D-Carbonize will help you select and implement the optimal actions to reduce your carbon footprint which will contribute to climate actions as well as probably reduce cost, improve your image & enhance people commitment.



D-Carbonize supports companies to reduce their carbon footprint. We turn environmental and social challenges into business opportunities with our Carbon Cockpit. The Carbon Cockpit is a digital platform enabling a high level of autonomy to design and execute a decarbonisation strategy.


Who are the customers ?

We accompany public authorities and businesses willing to make their activities future-proof. Most successful organisations of tomorrow are aligning today their structure, product and service to social, environmental and economic pressures. The nature of our business is industry agnostic and our methodology is applicable from SMEs to corporates to governments. As a result, we are proud today to already work with several clients representative of this profile diversity.

Customer needs

Companies have to reduce their carbon footprint to fight climate change. It is also an opportunity to save costs, improve image and re-engage staff around a unifying project. Finally, organisations have to comply with an evolving regulatory and business context. It is highly expected the European Commission to enforce stringent emission regulations by 2024 to all firms over 250 people in order to comply with the objective of 55% CO2 emission decrease by 2030. On top of this fast moving legislative ecosystem, investors and customers are increasingly requesting from their partners to undertake climate actions.

D-Carbonize offering

We offer a holistic portfolio made of 3 main services allowing all type of clients to reach carbon neutrality: Measure – Reduce – Compensate.

The first step is to measure the carbon footprint. This calculation, also known as carbon accounting, uses the international standard Bilan Carbone®, which at the end of the process, certifies the result of your global emissions. This is an excellent first step to show clients your commitment to take care of our planet by displaying this well respected label. Once the carbon audit performed, we reduce the environmental impacts. A well designed and implemented carbon strategy is the keystone to reach your emission target, no matter ambitious it could be.

Concretely, we have developed a collaborative and iterative process in which we closely involve relevant stakeholders to find the best solutions to implement. From investing in electric vehicles to reshaping your manufacturing process, the reduction of CO2 emissions offers many options.

Last but not least, there will always be unavoidable carbon emissions. A 100% carbon-free economy is unfortunately today closer to utopia than reality due to remaining emissions from suppliers, customers or internal operations. Organisations motivated to go beyond the positive but limited impacts from their undertaken actions can offset remaining emissions with specific projects designed to capture CO2. Planting trees, financing cleaner energy production means or supporting farmers to develop processes enhancing the carbon capture capacity of our soil, in your region or abroad, are straightforward solutions that we offer to immediately reduce your net footprint.

What makes D-Carbonize unique is its digital platform that enables companies to go through these three steps with a great level of autonomy. Our Carbon Cockpit offers multiple features such as a dashboard, a reporting tool, a simulator engine for your forecasts and a portal to invest in and monitor carbon offset projects.

Next steps


We are focused on different pillars supporting our growth.

We pride ourselves with our existing customers and we are certainly excited by the great number of opportunities currently under discussion. Our traction is excellent and we are committed to bring this attractivity to a higher level before the end of the year. This interest for our services and product is also reflected in the private and corporate investors who confirmed their desire to support our growth. It is a privilege and an absolute requirement for a start-up to count on experienced financial partners to ramp up.

Together with our clients and thanks to our successful fundraise, we are now developing our Carbon Cockpit for which we ambition to present a first MVP by the end of the year. This platform is expected to boost the next phase of our growth for 2022.

Finally, our team is already growing. We are hiring and would welcome any expressions of interest from technical people able to help us build the Carbon Cockpit and consultants motivated to shape a more sustainable world by reducing the carbon footprint of our economy.


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