Our ambition is to create a network of COMMUNIO mobility hubs across cities, regions and the country by transforming company car parks into a multimodal mobility HUB accessible to all.


We transform a part of your parking in a mobility hub

  1. To increase your customer or employee experience with a better accessibility, attractiveness, new services, information, new mobility;
  2. To generate new revenue with your parking with the production of green energy, advertising, EV charging & local services;
  3. To reduce your CO2 impact with the solar panels, the electric transition, the reduction of car number, the participation to the circular economy and the multimodal transport).


Who are the customers ?

We target well located parking owners in cities and neighborhoods : 

  • Business parks, Economic activity area or industrial sites
  • Public parking and Parking for public transport
  • Municipality or city and rural areas
  • Shopping area
  • Park & Ride
  • Carpooling parking

Customer Pains

  • The parking are dirty, not welcomeness, generate no revenue and are not use enough.
  • Some locations are only reachable by cars.
  • Some zones do not offer enough parking place.
  • People cannot come with bicycle, carpooling or car-sharing.

Communio offering

COMMUNIO is a trust partner to support the parking owner in each phase of his journey to transform his parking in a multimodal hub :

  1. Feasibility study – Including a selection of the “hub modules & services” adapt to the customer’s need. An technical, accessibility and financial analysis. A first design of the future mobility hub.
  2. Conception phase – Validation of the plans of the mobility hub, deliver the specifications. Introduce and get a construction permit if necessary.
  3. Construction phase – Install the new infrastructure and compose the best service package.
  4. Maintenance and hub monitoring – A single operator to assemble the infrastructure and services with a mobility experience manager for today and tomorrow.


The solution is to transform your parking in a mobility hub

Facilities to improve car parking

Security furniture
PMR accessibility
Remote staking alerts
Payment system
Ecological cleaning zone

Equipment for cyclists

Closed boxes

Works intended for micro-mobility

Open gallows with easy and secure temporary access
Drop-off zones to organize the parking of “free floating” type vehicles

Solutions for producing electricity

Photovoltaic solutions
Charging point for electric mobility
Letterboxes for secure battery charging

Facilities encouraging multimodality

Waiting area for ridesharing, carsharing, …
Interactives panels

Infrastructure linked to services

Secured lockers
Short circuit Food
Multimodal maintenance zone
Relaxation lunch area
Leisure / Sport area
Vegetable shades, …


Anthony Cantillon

Founder & CEO at Delifuel

François Halin

COO and Co-Founder at Stoomlink

Pierre Oldenhove

Co-Founder at Wibee

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