Multimodal travel

Offer multimodal solutions for specific target audiences and locations

Citizens have many different means of transportation they can choose from.
How can they pick the perfect multimodal mix in a seamless user experience?

If you think about it, most of our trips today already are multimodal. For example, we walk or bike to a train station in order to get to work or school. How can we further stimulate this behavior? There are many different means of transportation to choose from in order to get from A to B. Combine this with people’s increasing preference to pay for vehicle use or a single ride instead of owning the vehicle itself, and you get an interesting opportunity.

There are many different MaaS applications being built at the same time, usually focused on a specific city. However, there are still many opportunities hidden in multimodality for specific target audiences or limited areas.
Let’s go out and discover them!

Team 1

Alain Allyn


Cédric Cecotti


Jean-Ignace De Villenfagne

360 pixtour

Xavier Girard


Philippe Leeman


Pierre Meunier


Francois Poncet

AW Europe

Ben Schoenaers

AG Insurance

Team 2

Tom Beernaert

BNP Paribas Fortis

Hans De Ruysscher

Siemens Mobility

Fran Kauzlaric

Brussels Airport Company

Stijn Keppens


Michel Lagasse


Thomas Seynnaeve


Thomas Van Cauwelaert


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