Mobility in Belgium is faced with several challenges and also lucrative opportunities. co.mobility tackles 4 specific domains in order to have a positive impact on society.

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Build safer cycling journeys.

The challenge is to make cycling trips safer concerning the movement, the parking, the repair services and the security.


Last-mile delivery

Improve the logistics of goods for the last mile.

As a direct result of the consecutive lockdowns, Belgians have shifted en masse to online retail. This new trend has led to a big boost for delivery companies, and consequently to more delivery vehicles in the city center that impact emission and congestion.



Door-to-door support for PRM.

The challenge is to improve the transport of people with reduced mobility (PRM) from their home to their destination such as their workplace, access to shops and health care.


Family Mobility Switch

Switch from family car to 300€ mobility budget.

In Belgium, the car is king. We would like to understand why, and what could be drivers to change mobility behavior. Hence, the ultimate goal is to entice Belgian families, who don’t have a salary car or mobility budget, to use other modes of transportation instead of the car.


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