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Our mission is to animate a network of companies sharing a common vision about the future of mobility with the willingness to share knowledge and co-create on specific innovative projects.


The ecosystem co.mobility has started in April 2020 gathering more than 48 organizations from public, private, startups and universities. Despite Covid-19, we reached the mission of the program: deliver 6 business cases (ideation) and start 4 very promising prototypes. In the meantime, we have also created a strong community of +100 actors of the mobility and a very impactful white paper.

Thanks to the success of this first 1-year program, we would like to prepare “co.mobility 2”. Co.mobility 2 will have a special focus on key challenges of the mobility.

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Béatrice de Mahieu, Head of Innovation Nova Reperta
Lando Szücs, Innovation Consultant – Mobility

co.mobility 2 tackles specific mobility challenges in Belgium

After a successful first edition, co.mobility is back to help improve mobility in our country. We are still faced with urgent obstacles, such as , air pollution, rising e-commerce, climate change, lacking infrastructure, lack of alternatives options for mobility, car culture, lacking safety for soft mobility,… In this edition, we will focus on 4 key challenges.


Build safer cycling journeys


Last-mile delivery

Improve the logistics of goods for the last mile



Door-to-door support for PRM


Family Mobility Switch

Switch from family car to 300€ mobility budget



The program starts from existing problems in the market, leads to novel ideas of which are then built and implemented, with extensive market validation. At the end of the program, the ecosystem launches start-ups, joint ventures or IP on the market. The 8-month co.mobility program follows Nova Reperta’s proven methodology inspired by open innovation, co-creation and scrum methodology.



From founders
to members & challenges



From a challenge
to a business case



From solutions
to validation & implementation



From proof-of-concept
to large scale testing

Our founders

"In the not-too-distant future, mobility is going to be fundamentally different from what it is today. At AG, we're thinking open-mindedly and creatively about how we can contribute to more efficient, greener mobility, for our customers and for society as a whole."

Heidi Delobelle

CEO of AG 

"As the leading bank in Belgium, we’re determined to play a key role in finding solutions beyond banking to key societal challenges such as mobility, and to make life easier for our customers."

Max Jadot

CEO of BNP Paribas Fortis

"We are proud as the leading airport in Belgium to innovate alongside partners within the ecosystem, so that together, we contribute to smarter mobility in our country"

Arnaud Feist

CEO of Brussels Airport Company

"We are convinced that the future of mobility will be the result of new cross-cutting collaborations with existing and future mobility actors from a large range of sectors, bringing together their expertise to innovate."

Benoît Gilson

CEO of Infrabel 

"To improve our customer experience, we want to introduce new technologies and promote a culture of innovation within our company. We also want to work with partners who share our ambition to innovate to create the green mobility of the future."

Sophie Dutordoir


"For 125 years, Touring's mission has been to facilitate the mobility of road users: cyclists, motorcyclists, car drivers,... We live in a constantly- evolving world. The digital revolution brings new possibilities to develop a more efficient and sustainable mobility for a better life. "

Bruno de Thibault

CEO of Touring

In 2020, 35 companies and 8 mobility experts joined co.mobility

Founding Partners

  1. AG Insurance
  2. BNP Paribas Fortis
  3. Brussels Airport Company
  4. Infrabel
  6. Touring


  1. AGC
  2. Alstom
  3. AW Europe
  4. BNP France – IFS
  5. De Lijn
  6. Interparking
  7. Lantis
  8. Luminus
  9. Port of Antwerp
  10. Sibelga
  11. Siemens Mobility
  12. Total


  1. 360 Pixtour
  2. Connect2move
  3. CTEC
  4. Delifuel
  5. Helexia
  6. Ingestic
  7. Jeasy
  8. Jive
  9. Modalizy
  10. Optimile
  11. Radix
  12. Stapp In Belgium
  13. Step
  14. Stoomlink
  15. Swapfiets
  16. Weebee
  17. Mobito

+ Knowledge Partners

  1. Agoria
  2. Beci
  3. HEC Liège
  4. KUL (L-mob)
  5. Logistics Wallonia
  6. UA
  7. UWE
  8. VUB (Mobi)

(+ Experts in Mobility)

Key results of co.mobility 1

The 1-year innovation program of co.mobility has led to
the creation of 3 startups.




Ideation groups




New Startups founded



Join co.mobility 2

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